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Risikomanagement extremer Hochwasserereignisse

Vorhersage und Management von Sturzfluten in urbanen Gebieten

Management extremer Hochwasserereignisse
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URBAS - urban flash floods

Prediction and management of flash floods in urban areas

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF (0330701C)  -  duration: 05/2005 - 04/2008
Project management: Hydrotec Ingenieurgesellschaft für Wasser und Umwelt mbH Aachen (Hydrotec Environmental Engineers)
Contact person: Mr. Dipl.-Ing. F. Hatzfeld or Dr.-Ing. K. Friedeheim, phone number ++49-241 94689-0
Project description: download as portable document format (pdf)


German damage statistics reveal that a major part of damage due to flooding in urban areas result from flash floods. Furthermore recent studies about climate change indicate growing frequency and intensity of such events in western Europe.

Damage from single flash flood events are usually lower than damage resulting from river flooding. However, due to higher frequency the total amount of damage caused by flash floods almost corresponds with the amount of damage caused by river flooding. Furthermore physical harm to persons is also often registered.

Flash floods are produced by local extreme precipitation and accompanied by thunderstorms, hail and downbursts. These events are lacking appropriate tools for loss damage mitigation. For flash floods in urban areas there are no:

  • adequate forecast and warning systems
  • hazard maps and
  • guidelines for
    • protective mitigation measures and
    • disaster control in case of an emergency


Research will be divided into 7 subtasks, each covered by one or more project participants. These include among others:

  • analysis of precipitation, runoff, hazards, damage and previous patterns of action
  • case studies
  • development of recommendations for action
  • publication and distribution of results


Within the URBAS project knowledge about heavy precipitation is to be improved and expanded. This also includes statements about regional distribution of hazards and risks as well as flood symptoms and flood damage.

On this basis proposed actions are to be worked out with respect to

  • precaution and protective measures
  • improvement of forecast potentials and warning systems
  • disaster control in case of an emergency

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